E-mailed Newsletter Collection

2005 and After

YEAR 2005

November 1: Glucosamine

November 15: Cod Liver Oil, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis and Vitamin D, Mannatech Lawsuit, Noni and Hepatitis

November 21: Aspirin and Brain Haemorrhage, Fish Oil, Flavonoids, Haptens, Birth Control Patch, Sexually Altered Fish

December 2: Cholesterol, Standard of Care, Statin Medications, Oxidized Cholesterol

December 15: Vitamin D and Lung Function, Sources of Information

Christmas Letter

YEAR 2006

January 1: Media and Vitamin D, Processed Meats and Colon Cancer, Diabetes and Fat, Aflatoxin and Corn, Health Benefits of Tomatoes

January: Diabetes from Plastic, Breathing and Omega-3, Omega-3 for the Brain and Bones

February: Genetically Modified Soy, Bright Light and Cancer, Warm Feet and Good Sleep, Eat Carotenoids Live Longer

March: Allergies. Special edition based on the GNLD Conference Call.

April: Salmon Oil Plus. Detailed information on the new product introduction. 
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June: Cholesterol Lowering Agents, Fatty Liver, Mental Health and B Complex, Omega-3 and Arrhythmias, Asthma, Fruit and Vitamin C Intake, Arthritis and Omega-3

July: Fiber, Inflammation, other benefits of fiber

August: 3 Key Supplements: Tre-En-En, Carotenoid Complex & Salmon Oil Plus

Newsletter Insert: Product Benefits & GNLD First

September: The Importance of Fiber for Diabetes (Special Article by Heather Foster)

October: Sherlock Holmes Puzzle, Magnesium

November : Why Supplement?

December : How to Supplement?

YEAR 2007

January : IAACN Symposium Review Part I: Toxicity and Digestive Issues

February : IAACN Symposium Review Part II: The Importance of Vitamin D

March : IAACN Symposium Review Part llI: Mechanisms of Autoimmunity

April : Literature Review

YEAR 2008

February : Obesity and Cancer

March : Light and Health

April : Hyperactivity

May: Boys Adrift

July : Vitality and Health

August : Aloe Vera

September: The Magic of Magnesium

October: Rheumatoid Arthritis and Digestion

November: Nutrition and Addiction

December: Nutrition and Neuropathy

YEAR 2009

January : Osteoporosis

February : Supplements That Work

March: TRE Superfruit Beverage

April: Inflox

May: Nutritional Synergisms{Abstract}

June: Nutritional Antagonisms{Abstract}

July: Vitamin S: The Importance of Sleep {Abstract}

August: Fluoride Toxicity {Abstract}

September: Part I: H1N1: The Swine Flu {Abstract}

October: Part 2: Natural Anti-Microbials {Abstract}

November: Beverage Choices {Abstract}

December: High Fructose Corn Syrup {Abstract}

YEAR 2010

January : Cholesterol (Part 1) {Abstract}

February : Cholesterol (Part 2) {Abstract}

March : Queen of Fats (Part 1) {Abstract}

April : Queen of Fats (Part 2) {Abstract}

May : Low Thyroid Function{Abstract}

June : Adrenal Health (Part 1) {Abstract}

July : Adrenal Health (Part 2) {Abstract}

August: The Stages of Nutrition (Part 1) {Abstract} [Original Article]

September: The Stages of Nutrition (Part 2) {Abstract} [Original Article]

October: Carotenoid Complex {Abstract} [Original Article]

November: Flavonoid Complex {Abstract} [Original Article]

December: Protein {Abstract} [Original Article]

YEAR 2011

January : GNLD and GMO {Abstract}

February :{Abstract} [Original Article]

March : Clean Savings

April : Personal Care

May : Glycemic Response Control

June : Digestion

July : Minerals

August : The Brain

September : Tre-en-en

October : Alcohol and Nutrition

November : Digestive Disorders

December : Your Body's Sign Language  Radio Interview on Your Body's Sign Language

YEAR 2012

January : Diabetes

February : Osteoarthritis

March : Rheumatoid Arthritis

April : Constipation

May : Wrinkling

June: Inhalant Allergy

July: Macular Degeneration

August : Agriculture Part 1

September: Agriculture Part 2

October: Acne   Radio Interview on Skin Conditions

November: The Cell Part 1: Overview

December: The Cell Part 2: What is Written?

YEAR 2013

January : The Cell Part 3: Energy Crisis!

February : The Cell Part 4: The Brain of the Cell

March : Pottenger's Cats

April : New Insights on Autism

May : Protein

June: Alzheimer's

July: A Great Start in Life

August : Searching for Nutrition (Part 1)

September: Searching for Nutrition (Part 2)

October: Searching for Nutrition (Part 3)

November: Toxicology 

December: Violence  

YEAR 2014

January : Attack on Supplements Part 1

February : Provitality

March : Attack on Supplements Part 2

April: Picking Supplements

May: Cholesterol

June: Nutrition on the Wild Side

July: Leaky Gut Syndrome

August: Pellagra

September:Niacin and the Brain

October:Susceptibility to Infectious Disease

November:Cancer and Phytonutrients

December:Prostate Problems

YEAR 2015

March: Cancer and Nutrients

June: Migraine Headache

September: The Microbiome

December: Food and Mood

                  Christmas Letter

YEAR 2016

March: Preventing Tooth Decay

June: Understanding Mold Toxicity

September: Atrial Fibrillation

December: Metabolic Rejectivity

YEAR 2017

March: Ketones and Diet

June: Ketones and Cancer

September: Glucose Balance

December: CoQ10 and the Mitochondria

YEAR 2018

March: Depression

June: Aluminum Toxicity

September: Autism

December: Genetically Modified Organisms

YEAR 2019

March: High Blood Pressure

June: Parkinson's

September: Alzheimer's Disease Part 1

December: Alzheimer's Disease Part 2

YEAR 2020

March: Osteoarthritis

June: Obesity and Insulin

September: Protein: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


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