Nutrition Links

Healthy Foods
Grass fed beef

Government Sites
National Library of Medicine []
U.S. Food and Drug Administration []
USDA Food Guide Pyramid []

Libraries and Museums
Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation []
Brewer and Nieper Libraries []
American College for the Advancement of Medicine [] Doctors interested in nutrition.
Medscape for Medical Professionals []
Dangerous Decibels Hearing Damage Site []
Environmental Working Group []
Feingold Site []

Medical Journals
New England Journal of Medicine []
Online Lancet []

Citizens for Health []
Hysterectomy Organization []
Aware []
Shaken Baby Syndrome []

Stale Food vs Fresh Food by Robert Ford []

Video Clips and Visual Presentations
University of Calgary Research on Mercury and the Brain []
The Emerging Epidemic of Morgellons []
Flash Video Quiz on Eating Habits Around the World []
Coffee Culture Infects Today's Kids []
Dangerous Decibels [] Noise induced hearing loss.

Vaccine Site []
Feingold Association []
Work of Guillette and Meze in Sonora, Mexico (full paper) []
Coffee Culture Infects Today's Kids []

Historical Review of Vitamin C Literature []
Vitamin C Site of Robert Cathcart []
Water Site on Work of Dr. Batmangelidj []
Magnesium and work of Mildred Seelig []

Dentistry and Mercury
Boyd Haley's Site on Mercury Toxicity []
Hal Huggins Dental Site []
Dental Amalgam Issue []
Amy Holmes, M.D., Autism Treatment with Mercury Removal []
Serum Compatibility Testing []
American Academy of Biological Dentistry [] MERCURY FREE DENTIST INFORMATION
International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology [] MERCURY FREE DENTIST INFORMATION

PFPC Fluoride Education Project []
Fluorides and Fluoridation Site []
Fluoride Action Network []
Fluoridation Research Site []

Work of Guillette and Meza in Sonora, Mexico (Abstract) []
Work of Guillette and Meze in Sonora, Mexico (full paper) []
Kids and Chemicals by Elizabeth Guillette []

Psychiatry and Psychiatric Drugs
Peter Breggin Web Site []

GERD Medical Site []
Ulcers and H pylori []
Barry Marshall H pylori site []
Morgellons Disease []
Glycemic Index Information []

American Health Science University []
Union Institute and University []

Nurseries and Gardening
California Rare Fruit Growers []
Raintree Nursery []
Seeds of Change []

Graphics for the Web
Bells and Whistles[]

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