Printed Newsletter Collection

Prior to 2005

YEAR 1987


Natural and Synthetic

Air and Water Pollution



Viruses (Volume I)

Viruses (Volume II)

Athletics (Volume I)

Athletics (Volume II)

Weight Control

Weight Control (Volume II)

Sexual Function and Nutrition

YEAR 1988

Salmon Oil

Digestion in the Stomach

Enzyme Nutrition

Nutrition and the Child


Immune Function

YEAR 1989

Sugar Addiction

Garlic and Onion

Salmon Oil Research

Weight Control


YEAR 1991

The Need for Nutrition

Formula IV



Chronic Fatigue

Fats and Cellular Function

YEAR 1992

Carotenoid Complex : Special report on carotenoids

Meals That Heal: Observations on the television special

YEAR 1994

Grain and Legume Extracts : Special report on Tre-en-en

YEAR 1995

Flavonoids : Special report on water soluble flavonoid antioxidants

YEAR 1996

Cruciferous: Special report on Cruciferous Plus

Protein: Special report on GNLD Protein

Salmon Oil Update : Role of omega-3 oils in promoting health, fish vs. flax oil.

YEAR 1998

DECEMBER: Cholesterol lowering medications and

cancer, nighttime illumination and cancer risk

Liver Plus C : Summary of the work of Dr. Benjamin Ershoff and the story of Buffy

YEAR 1999

APRIL: Vitamin E complex, Vitamin E and heart, breast and prostate, ADHD story, Ray's heart disease and water purification, garlic and the heart.

JUNE: Tomatoes fight cancer, flax oil vs salmon oil, irradiation

AUGUST: Manic depression, salmon oil, protein, adrenal

DECEMBER: Carpal tunnel, Teri's chronic fatigue story, feminine formula, Mannatech, tre-en-en

YEAR 2000

NOVEMBER: Why GNLD Products? blue green algae, colloidal minerals, toxicological testing, digestability, digestive aids, digestible supplements, tre-en-en.

DECEMBER: Biotone, nitric oxide, viagra, sticky blood platlets, impotence, carotenoids, flavonoids, heart disease, B complex and heart disease, vitamin E, green tea and brain neurons.

MAY I: Dry skin more than cosmetic, Vitamin C dangerous?, grain oils, fluoride, sleep and cancer, dysbiosis, Boyd's story, A word about fungus

MAY II: Lupus, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

YEAR 2001

FEBRUARY: Moisturizing night formula, business tips, hair analysis, weight loss

APRIL: GR2 Glycemic Response Control, discussion of all ingredients, obesity and carbohydrates

APRIL II: More on GR2, Lucille's results

April III: GR2 Diet Guide & Recipes

April IV: Enjoy/Avoid Foods List

JUNE: Distributor online ordering, Dean Ornish insights

AUGUST: Mailbag GR2 results, aloe results, tartar and fat digestion, enzymes

October: Immune enhancement as protection against viral infections and improved chances should germ warfare take place, acidophilus

NOVEMBER: Hydrochloric acid and antacids [SPECIAL ISSUE]

YEAR 2002

FEBRUARY: Enzymes and health [SPECIAL ISSUE]

MAY: Carotenoids & free radicals, juicing

JULY: JAMA recommends supplements, skin cancer and tanning, Alzheimer's and homocysteine, acidophilus, dangers of French fries and chips, HRT dangerous, ephedra, Noni, tinnitus, GNLD protein

SEPTEMBER: Trans fats unsafe, mitochondria & trans fats, estrogen and ovarian cancer, heart disease and inflammation, salmon oil, flavonoids, are vitamins necessary, what about pine bark

NOVEMBER: Water and heart disease, menstrual pain and cramping, coral calcium, water coolers, enzymes and cancer, aspirin and vitamin C, fibromyalgia and digestion

YEAR 2003

JANUARY: My favorite nutrition tips, multiples, antioxidants, herbals, minerals, protein, Stories of Jim, Norvel, & Mary, enzymes, aspirin and vitamin C, fibromyalgia and digestion, Super 10

MARCH: Drugs and nutrients, estrogen, cholesterol meds, fosamax, oats & gluten, omega-3, cell phones, fragrances, Jody's story, macular degeneration

JUNE: Long term benefits of nutrition, magnesium & insulin, tooth truth, natural hormones, hormones and Alzheimer's risk, nutrition worth 22.6 IQ points

SEPTEMBER: A complete history of tre-en-en and GNLD, animal nutrition

NOVEMBER: Nobel prize for cell research, cancer insights, arthritis in Missouri, fiber and colon cancer, questions: why supplement with protein

YEAR 2004:

JANUARY: Addictive fast food, stroke, garlic and cancer, mad cow, blood pressure and vitamin D, aspirin and salmon oil, power lifting, sterols

MARCH: Nutrition chokepoints: hormone chemistry, cell wall, digestion; arthritis, Alzheimer's, Cancer letter

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