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Key links for Laboratory Testing:

1. Direct Laboratory Services: DirectLabs is the leader in direct access laboratory testing and offers a wide variety of testing at discounted prices. A physician on staff will requisition the testing you desire. You then travel to a laboratory near your home to have the testing done or samples obtained. Results are confidential.

     The following comprehensive tests are available through DirectLabs:

            ELISA/ACT food allergy and sensitivity testing. Description  Web Site of Developer of Test

            ION Panel metabolic profile. Description. Web site of Developer of Test.

2. Cyrex Laboratories: The leader in testing for gluten sensitivity.

3. Ecopolitan: Email:, Phone: (774)353-8234. Ask for requisition forms.

Offers two German bowel function tests:

M2PK (M2 Pyruvate Kinase): A simple stool test which replaces colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening in Europe. The test is inexpensive, highly specific, and no adverse effects like colonoscopy.

FDH Stool Panel: 30 Open-Ended Unique parametes of intestinal integrity, immunity, inflammation, digestive secretions, microbial health, and individually tailored treatment solutions. Designed to interface with M2PK testing.

Below, the "Suggested Reading List" link contains books recommended by Jim McAfee, C.C.N., on various health related issues. If you are interested in learning more about a particular health issue, feel free to click the link provided below to find books recommended by Jim on your particular health issue, where available.

The "Listing of Laboratories and Testing Procedures" contain links to research articles and links regarding laboratory and testing procedures.

1. Suggested Reading List

2. Listing of Laboratories and Testing Procedures

3. Click here for a PDF brochure on our Resources Page (laboratories, etc.)


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