1. Jim's basic Health Evaluation Form (4 pages). Please provide the 3 day diet diary.

2..  Jim McAfee's book Your Body's Sign Language: Clues to Nutritional Well-Being. Available for purchase through Image Awareness.

3.  University of Oregon Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load for 100+ foods

4.  List of acid and alkaline foods developed by Serrammune Physician's Laboratory.

5. Summary of Dr. Arthur Coca's procedure for pulse testing for allergies.

6.  Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen/ Clean Fifteen foods.

7.  Shopping Guide for GMO free foods.


A. Flyers for Book Signings

1. Flyer Feb. 18, 2006: Autograph Party
2. Flyer April 22 2006: Autograph Party
3. Flyer May 6, 2006: Tower Books Book Signing

B. Press Release: Lucille McAfee
1. Introduction Letter by Lucille McAfee to the Press

C. General Flyers
1. 2 page Flyer: "A Unique Presentation" audience feedback
2. Response Sheet
3. Reader Feedback with pullout box "Sherlock Holmes of Nutrition" illustration
4. Sherlock Holmes Generic Flyer on Jim McAfee

5. Promotional Flyer on Your Body's Sign Language

D. Coupon Flyer
1. Book: Special Offer $25 coupon

F. Graphics and Photographs
1. Photo of Jim with Book

2. Word Document: Jim's Press Release
3. Article Request for Jim McAfee

E. Other Book Marketing Materials

1. NEW: Brochure on Your Body's Health Indicators:

A PDF Check off list of your body's signs from "Your Body's Sign Language" book.

Click here to download PDF.

2. Book's Website:

3. Book Cover:

View the cover of the book

4. Promotional Piece:

View a promotional piece on the book

5. Book Insert:

Click here for the NEW Insert for the book

6. Autograph Signing:

View the invitation to autograph signing

7. Press Release:

Click here for the Press release

Allergens, Elimination Diet & Nutritional Guidelines Brochure

Here is a program booklet to print on nutritional guidelines to follow, (such as sleeping with no lights on, not eating foods you may not know are moldy from the supermarkets) a simple 5-day elimination diet to test allergic responses, and a list of allergens.

1. Click here to download this half-fold brochure on nutritional guidelines, a 5-day elimination diet and allergens (Double-sided, Half Fold Brochure, 8.5 x 11 PDF)

Brochures (Previews Only. Not for Printing)

1. Main Office Brochure

a. Outside

b. Inside

2. Jim's Brochure

a. Outside

b. Inside

GR2 Weight-Loss Program

Here is a program booklet to print on using GR2 products to lose weight along with eating a healthy balanced diet and exercising.

Web PREVIEW Version: Here is the booklet in web preview version. It is different in that it is in order of how you would look at the brochure if it were printed and folded. So the actual size would be 8.5" x 5.5" if you printed it. So please just use this as a preview only, as the printable version below is much better quality for printing.

1. Web GR2 Booklet

Printable Version: This is a booklet of regular paper size 8.5" x 11" that folds in half horizontally. Print the outside of the booklet first, then flip the printed sheets over and print the inside of the booklet on the opposite blank side, creating a double-printed folded packet.

1. Outside of booklet (Double-sided, Half Fold Brochure, 8.5 x 11 PDF)

2. Inside of booklet (Double-sided, Half Fold Brochure, 8.5 x 11 PDF)

Nutrition & Health Tools

Acid/Alkaline Balance

The Importance of Acid/Alkaline Balance: Food and Chemical Effects on Acid/Alkaline Body Chemical Balance is a chart prepared by Dr. Russell Jaffe on foods with the most alkaline to lowest alkaline, categories, lowest acid and more acid.

1. Click here to go to the Jaffe's PDF chart ONLINE

2. Click here for our brochure with Jaffe's Chart & More Information (Double-Sided, Tri-Fold, 8.5" x 11")

Nutritional Resources

View our brochure on resources and information regarding allergy testing, laboratory references, and digestive lab information and definitions.

1. Click here to view and/or print the PDF brochure (Double-Sided, Tri-Fold, 8.5" x 11" PDF.)

2. Go to our website's page listing of the Laboratory Resources

Nutrition Supplements

1. Click here for a list of our Nutritional Supplements (PDF)

Product List (Training) of Image Awareness

Here is our most recent training product list (in Microsoft Word Format) for Image Awareness health and wellness training. This includes audio cds and tapes, video DVDs, and other training materials by Jim McAfee to help you learn more about nutrition.

1. Image Awareness Training Product List (1 Page, 8.5" x 11", Microsoft Word Document)

Information on Shake Parties

1.1. GNLD Shake Party Script

2. GR2 Control Shake Party Recipes

3. GR2 Control Shake Party Recipes II

4. Shake Party Invitation Flyer

5. Shake Party Invitation Script

6. Shake Party Order Form

7. Shake Party Shopping List

8. Alterable Invitation in Word

Stress and Health Indicator: Check-off List

Here is a PDF for you to fill out before coming in to see Jim. It is an itemized check-off list of different body symptoms dealing with stress and health.

1. Stress and Health Indicator Packet Basic 4 Page Health Evaluation Form

2. Stress and Health Indicator LITE Version: Brochure Check-Off List (Double-Sided, For legal size paper 8.5" x 14", Four-fold brochure, fold left and right flap toward eachother to center. PDF)

3. Lifestyle Evaluation Form Detailed 16 page Health Evaluation Form

4. Dr. Coca Allergy Detection Worksheets.

5. Body Sign Checklist Summary Checklist based on the book Your Body's Sign Language.

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